Liskeard Town Council and RIO have today, 2nd November 2016, set out the ‘Principles of co-operation’ they will both uphold throughout the library development work.

The document, signed by RIO Chief Exec Lindsey Hall and Cllr Jane Pascoe on behalf of Liskeard Town Council states that:

RIO and Liskeard Town Council are both committed:

  • Ensuring a flourishing ‘library offer’ in Liskeard, based on the core principles of Cornwall Library Service to:
    • Foster a love of reading amongst the population
    • Create a safe, free space that is widely accessible
    • The help people access information
  • To the regeneration and revitalisation of Liskeard Town Centre for the benefit of local residents and visitors alike through the development of a wider range of activities, events and services in the Library and other buildings
  • To the development of a financially independent and sustainable economic model for the Library building that does not require ongoing revenue grant funding from the Town Council or any other statutory body

The full agreement is available to read here.