Your Ideas



What do you want from your library?

Over the last few months, we’ve been out in the community speaking to a broad range of residents, groups, organisations and library users to find out what they think the Library could do for Liskeard. We’ve had conversations with more than 180 local residents and met with more than 20 community groups who have had some fantastic ideas and suggestions as to how the library can support and engage more people and become self-sustaining.

Here is what you’ve told us you want from the library:

  • A first-class library service, open for longer and for more days every week
  • For it to stay in its current location, and for the building to be renovated to create an engaging space that people will want to spend time in
  • Flexible spaces for people of all ages to get together – informally, as well as in groups, clubs, and organisations
  • Places to work, collaborate and do business, along with public access computers and internet
  • Opportunities for people fo all ages to learn, grow and develop, not just with reading and literacy, but across a wide range of areas
  • For it to complement and partner with the offer at Stuart House, the Liskerrett Centre, the Public Hall, the Museum and more
  • You also don’t want to pay any more Council Tax for library improvements; instead, you want to explore ways to generate income and become sustainable

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